RStudio looks to the cloud, sheds light on open-source based data science business

OCTOBER 29 2020 | By Krishna Roy

From the report:

  • "RStudio is an intriguing and somewhat unique company. The vendor is seeking to balance a mission of creating free and open source software for data science and scientific research with the pragmatic reality of operating a commercial business that is profitable but also socially responsible as a B Corp. RStudio’s cloud strategy should increase its appeal to existing customers, given customer adoption trends (see below), and bolster its addressable audience."
  • "The company is delivering its data science portfolio in the cloud as it continues to build an open source and commercial business around R and, increasingly, Python open source programming languages used to code data science."
  • "RStudio continues to invest in open source R and Python communities, noting that it devotes 50% of its engineering resources to open source data science. That said, RStudio continues to have commercial software ambitions, which are another aspect of the firm’s fresh positioning for ‘serious’ data science. To RStudio, ‘serious’ data science means it needs to be open source and code-oriented (because coding is the most powerful approach), as well as centralized."

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