RStudio PBC seeks to augment R and Python analytic workflows in Tableau, illuminates data science business

DECEMBER 2 2021 | By Krishna Roy

From the report:

  • Data science isn’t just for data scientists – other individuals require it as predictive decision-making becomes increasingly prevalent...RStudio is looking to tap into this growth – as well as to harness the popularity of Tableau as a business intelligence (BI) platform – by providing Tableau analysts and other user personas that wish to code data science in R and Python within Tableau with improved analytical workflows for doing so.
  • Tableau already integrates and visualizes data from R and Python models. However, RStudio contends that Tableau’s approach, while good for communicating results through visualization and handling certain data-wrangling tasks, doesn’t comprehensively address the entire analytic workflow for Tableau users, as well as R and Python coders – two distinct audiences with different needs, albeit united by a common requirement for R- and Python-based data science.
  • The company is seeking to remedy these perceived shortfalls by integrating its RStudio Connect commercial platform – designed to be a content hub and execution engine for R and Python code – into Tableau. Existing RStudio Connect licenses work with the new Tableau integration, which is available in the latest version of RStudio Connect. RStudio Connect essentially hosts the data wrangling and modeling code as well as hooks into Tableau’s Analytical Extension API.

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