Active Directory (AD) permissions and file share mounting for RSP

February 20, 2018 @thomas Thomas Wells

@thomas wrote:

Several R Admins I met at the rstudio::conf in San Diego expressed interest in discussing Windows Active Directory authentication and Windows file share mounting, so I thought I would start a thread related to that topic. I hope to work with a couple of our internal R Admins to put together a more detailed, technical description as to what has worked for us, but in the meantime, maybe we can gather some specific questions others have about the process. I’m hoping we can post the scripts we run when users login, but I want to confirm there is no sensitive information contained within before doing so.

What roadblocks are you struggling with?
What is your current system configuration?

Some of this has already been discussed on this other thread, so please check that out. I think we all want to dive further into the technical nitty-gritty, so I thought a new thread was in order.

Also, be sure to read through the RSP Admin guide for background before diving into the thread below (many questions have been answered there).

Tagging people I hope will contribute questions or answers:
@vergilcw, @Tanner, @harrismcgehee, @cderv, @agberg, @navameen, @dzafar, @Stuart, @cole

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