Kara Woo

Kara Woo is a research scientist in data curation at Sage Bionetworks, where she builds tools to help researchers document and share their data. Kara is a core developer of ggplot2 and collects data visualizations gone beautifully wrong on a blog called accidental aRt.

rstudio::global 2021

Always look on the bright side of plots

January 21, 2021

Everyone who creates visualizations in R is bound to make mistakes that prevent their plots from looking as they should. Sometimes, these mistakes create beautiful "accidental aRt", though other times they're just plain frustrating.

rstudio::conf 2019

Box plots A case study in debugging and perseverance

January 23, 2019

Come on a journey through pull request #2196. What started as a seemingly simple fix for a bug in ggplot2's box plots developed into an entirely new placement algorithm for ggplot2 geoms.