Access RStudio Workbench within your Azure Machine Learning environment

RStudio has partnered with Azure ML to deliver RStudio Workbench on the Azure platform. RStudio Workbench is the ideal tool for building insights based on open source data science. Now you can use RStudio Workbench in conjunction with your Azure data sources and other Azure ML capabilities to access, develop, and analyze results.

With this offering, you can easily start a single-user instance of RStudio Workbench from within your Azure ML environment and seamlessly integrate it into your data science and analytics work.

With RStudio Workbench, you can:

  • Use your preferred IDE (RStudio, VSCode, JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebook)
  • Receive end-user support
  • Access pre-installed packages to support your data science work
  • Open multiple R and Python sessions
  • Select multiple versions of R and Python
  • Improve data connectivity via the RStudio Pro Drivers
  • Run scripts in the background as local launcher jobs

Current RStudio Workbench Enterprise customers can bring their existing licenses to Azure ML.

Contact your Customer Success representative or email to learn more or request a free license key.

"RStudio is very pleased to work with the Azure Machine Learning team on this release, as we collaborate to make it easier for organizations to move their open-source data science workloads to the cloud. We are committed to helping our joint customers use our commercial offerings to bring their production workloads to their preferred cloud platforms."

Tareef Kawaf
President, RStudio PBC

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