Announcing A Stroke of Innovation

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It all started with a call booked on the RStudio website.

My name is Óli Páll, and I am the Chief Data Officer at the City of Reykjavík in Iceland. My team and I have been tasked with the development of a data warehouse from scratch - and serving a data science team in the city…

Óli had to provide value — and quickly. His team needed to feel empowered to experiment and learn. His stakeholders wanted to see tangible outputs from their discussions. The higher-ups had to trust in the data science team’s work.

Open source made it possible. The team could meet with a department head on Monday and show them an interactive prototype on Wednesday, all thanks to their skills with R. Óli wanted to know, what else was possible? What could they accomplish with a full suite of open-source tools?

In the end, Óli’s team transformed the digital landscape for the residents of Reykjavik. A group from RStudio flew to Iceland to capture their story.

Watch the trailer now:

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