I’m pleased to announce the release of haven 1.1.0. Haven is designed to faciliate the transfer of data between R and SAS, SPSS, and Stata. It makes it easy to read SAS, SPSS, and Stata file formats in to R data frames, and makes it easy to save your R data frames in to SPSS and Stata if you need to collaborate with others using closed source statistical software.

Install the latest version by running:


haven 1.1.0 is a small release that fixes a bunch of smaller issues. See the release notes for full details. The most important bug was ensuring that read_sav() once again correctly returns system defined missings as NA (rather than NaN). Other highlights include:

  • Preliminary support for reading and writing SAS transport files with read_xpt() and write_xpt().

  • An experimental cols_only argument in read_sas() that allows you to read only selected columns.

  • An update to the bundled ReadStat code, fixing many smaller reading and writing bugs.

  • Better checks in write_sav() and write_dta() making it more likely that you’ll get a clear error in R instead of producing an invalid file.

A big thanks goes to community members Evan Cortens and Patrick Kennedy who helped make this release possible with their code contributions.

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