May 9 2019
4 min

Introducing RStudio Server Pro 1.2 - New Features, Packaging, and Pricing

We are excited to announce the general availability of RStudio Server Pro 1.2, and to introduce RStudio Server Pro Standard and RStudio Server Pro Enterprise.

RStudio customers have made it clear to us that the future of data analysis is moving to a more elastic and flexible computational model. RStudio Server Pro now allows you to execute R processes remotely, and introduces new packaging and pricing to reflect this new trend.

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New RStudio Server Pro Features

The most significant new feature of RStudio Server Pro is Launcher, the long-awaited capability to separate the execution of R processes from the server where RStudio Server Pro is installed. Launcher allows you to run RStudio sessions and ad-hoc R scripts within your existing cluster workload managers, so you can leverage your current infrastructure instead of provisioning load balancer nodes manually. Now organizations that want to use Kubernetes or other job managers can run interactive sessions or batch jobs remotely and scale them independently.

Learn more about Launcher here.

Other features exclusive to RStudio Server Pro 1.2 include improved R version management and enhanced configuration reload.

In addition, RStudio Server Pro has all of the new features of the new RStudio v1.2

New Named User Packaging and Pricing for RStudio Server Pro

Effective today, RStudio is introducing RStudio Server Pro Standard and RStudio Server Pro Enterprise. Standard and Enterprise are priced per user, and include the remote Launcher feature. Existing RStudio Server Pro customers may upgrade to Standard or Enterprise to take advantage of the remote Launcher feature, or continue to purchase RStudio Server Pro without Launcher under their current terms.

RStudio Server Pro Standard for smaller teams - an affordable place to start

RStudio Server Pro Standard is more affordable for smaller teams. Instead of $9,995 per year at a minimum, RStudio Server Pro Standard is now only $4,975 per year for 5 users on a single server. Additional Named Users are $995 each per year. Additional “Staging” servers for testing and “High Availability” servers for load balancing user sessions are optional. SMB, Academic, Volume, or Bundle discounts may apply.

RStudio Server Pro Enterprise for larger teams - unrestricted servers

RStudio Server Pro Enterprise eliminates restrictions on servers for larger teams. Containerized IT infrastructure using tools such as Docker and Kubernetes are increasingly popular. Larger teams often need more development, staging, production, and high availability servers and find license key management troublesome. RStudio Server Pro Enterprise starts at only $11,950 per year, allowing up to 10 Named Users to use the software on as many servers as needed. Additional Named Users are $1,195 each per year. SMB, Academic, Volume, or Bundle discounts may apply.

The table below summarizes our new pricing and packages for RStudio Server Pro; visit RStudio Pricing on our website to learn more.

RStudio Server Pro 1.2 Packaging and Pricing

Package Annual Price Named Users Launcher License Type Server Licenses
RStudio Server Pro Enterprise $11,995 10 Yes Named User Unrestricted. Additional Named Users $1,195 each
RStudio Server Pro Standard $4,975 5 Yes Named User per Server One included. Staging and high availability servers available for additional charge. Additional Named Users $995 each
RStudio Server Pro* $9,995 Unlimited Per Server One. Staging servers available for additional charge.

*RStudio Server Pro per server licensing is available only to existing RStudio Server Pro customers who have purchased prior to May 2019.

For questions about RStudio Server Pro, RStudio Server Pro Standard, or RStudio Server Pro Enterprise, please contact or your customer success representative.

Additional information is also available on our Support FAQ

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