New version of RStudio (v0.97)

Today a new version of RStudio (v0.97) is available for download from our website. The principal focus of this release was creating comprehensive tools for R package development. We also implemented many other frequently requested enhancements including a new Vim editing mode and a much improved Find and Replace pane. Here’s a summary of what’s new in the release:

Package Development

  • A new Build tab with package development commands and a view of build output and errors

  • Build and Reload command that rebuilds the package and reloads it in a fresh R session

  • Create a new package using existing source files via New Project

  • R documentation tools including previewing, spell-checking, and Roxygen aware editing

  • Integration with devtools package development functions

  • Support for Rcpp including syntax highlighting for C/C++ and gcc error navigation

Source Editor

  • Vim editing mode

  • Tomorrow suite of editor themes

  • Find and replace: incremental search, find/replace in selection, and backwards find

  • Auto-indenting: improved intelligence and new options to customize indenting behavior

  • New options: show whitespace, show indent guides, non-blinking cursor, focus console after executing code


  • New Restart R and Terminate R commands

  • More intelligent console history navigation with up/down arrow keys

  • View plots within a separate window/monitor.

  • Ability to set a global UI zoom-level

  • RStudio CRAN mirror (via Amazon CloudFront) for fast package downloads

There are also many more small improvements and bug fixes. Check out the v0.97 release notes for details on all of the changes.

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