R in Pharma with ProCogia X-Session Recordings are Now Available

Thumbnail RStudio in Pharma brought to you by Procagia.

We’re excited to announce that all rstudio::global(2021) X-Session recordings are now available for you to watch.

During the week of rstudio::global(2021), one of our Full Service Partners, ProCogia, teamed up with the R/Pharma organization to offer three hours of sponsored, hands-on material covering all aspects of pharmaceutical data science processes. With guest speakers from Novartis, Janssen, Biogen, and more, topics included everything from clinical trial processes to the R Package Validation Framework.

RStudio Investments in Pharma - Sean Lopp

Sean Lopp discusses RStudio updates for the Pharma community including: new validation guidance for RStudio software and packages, Bioconductor support in RStudio Package Manager, and a demo of the gt package for creating beautiful and precise tables in R.

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The R/Pharma Organization - Harvey Lieberman

R/Pharma is an organization of R enthusiasts who work in the pharma and biotech industries. This presentation summarizes the group and presents some goals for 2021.

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Risk Assessment Tools: R Validation Hub Initiatives - Marly Gotti

In this talk, Marly presents some of the resources and tools the R Validation Hub has been working on to aid the biopharmaceutical industry in the process of using R in a regulatory setting.

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R in Janssen Drug Discovery Statistics - Volha Tryputsen

This talk discusses how R is utilized in the Janssen drug discovery statistics workflow.

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R Package Validation Framework - Ellis Hughes

By using tools native to the R package building infrastructure, validation can become an integrated part of your package development, improving the quality of both the package and validation.

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R in Pharma: Intro to Shiny - Mike Garcia

In this introduction to Shiny app development, Mike begins with a quick review of visualization with ggplot2 and then covers core concepts in app structure and reactive programming.

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