RStudio 1.3 Released


Today we’re excited to announce the general release of RStudio 1.3. This release features many major improvements to the IDE, including:

  • Dramatically improved accessibility for sight-impaired users, which also upgrades keyboard navigation, contrast ratios, and visibility for everyone.
  • A real-time spell-checking engine, with suggestions, customizable dictionaries, and a built-in whitelist for common data science terms.
  • Extensible, in-IDE tutorials powered by the learnr package.
  • Settings and preferences are now stored in plain text files you can back up or manage with other tools; they can also be applied globally to all users on an RStudio Server.
  • Improved compatibility with R 4.0 and iPad OS 13.1.
  • Many improvements to RStudio Server security, including idle timeouts and hardening against common types of attacks.
  • Dozens of small productivity improvements, including autosave, global replace, customizable file templates, Shiny jobs, and more.

If you’ve purchased the Professional version of RStudio, this release also has some new capabilities for you:

  • RStudio Desktop Pro can now function as a client for RStudio Server Pro; run your R session on your server with the convenience of native desktop windows and menus.
  • A new user manager on the Admin Dashboard makes it easy to manage licensed users on RStudio Server Pro.
  • Many small improvements to the Kubnernetes and Slurm Job Launcher plugins.

See our blog series on RStudio 1.3 for articles describing a selection of the new capabilities in detail, and the RStudio 1.3 Release Notes for a comprehensive list of features and bugfixes in this release.

A special thanks to Dr Jonathan Godfrey and JooYoung Seo for their insight into the new accessibility features, and to the hundreds of community members who helped us shape this release with their ideas, bugfixes, and contributions. We couldn’t do this without you! Please download the new release and let us know what you think on our community forum.

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