Jul 31 2018
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rstudio::conf 2019 is open for registration!

rstudio::conf, the conference for all things R and RStudio, will take place January 17 and 18, 2019 (Thursday and Friday) in Austin, Texas. It will be preceded by Training Days on January 15 and 16 (Tuesday and Wednesday). Early Bird registration is now open!

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Conference: Thursday January 17 - Friday January 18, 2019

Join host and RStudio Chief Scientist Hadley Wickham along with keynote speakers David Robinson, Chief Data Scientist at DataCamp; Felienne Herman, assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology, founder of Infotron, teacher of Lego Mindstorm, co-founder of the Joy of Programming conference and a host of Software Engineering Radio; and Joe Cheng, RStudio CTO and creator of Shiny and RPubs, to explore the state of the art and future of data science.

Learn from and interact with these outstanding invited speakers and R innovators:

Speaker Role Affiliation
Angela Bassa Director of Data Science iRobot
Karl Broman Professor Biostatistics University of Wisconsin
Alice Daish Data Scientist The Lego Group
Miles McBain Science Engineering Faculty Queensland University of Technology
Amelia McNamara Assistant Professor University of St Thomas
Karthik Ram Data Scientist UC Berkeley
Mary Rudis Math Faculty American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges
Kara Woo Research Scientist Sage Bionetworks

Find out what RStudio is working on from the people who make the materials and tools you use. You’ll hear from well known RStudio data scientists and engineers like:

Speaker Role
J.J. Allaire CEO & Software Engineer
Jeff Allen Software Engineer
Mara Averick Tidyverse Developer Advocate
Jenny Bryan Software Engineer
Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel Data Scientist and Professional Educator
Winston Chang Software Engineer
Gabor Csardi Software Engineer
Garrett Grolemund Data Scientist and Professional Educator
Sigrid Keydana TensorFlow Developer Advocate
Max Kuhn Software Engineer
Wes McKinney Director of Ursa Labs
Yihui Xie Software Engineer

The conference will feature more than 60 sessions, with three tracks designed to expand your understanding of what’s possible with R and RStudio. The full agenda will be published in October.

A call for papers will be announced at the end of August on this blog and on social media. Please subscribe to updates on https://www.rstudio.com/conference/ to make sure you see it. Selected speakers will be announced in October.

Optional Training Days: Tuesday January 15 - Wednesday January 16, 2019 Preceding the conference, on Tuesday and Wednesday January 15-16, 2019, RStudio will offer two days of optional in-person training. This year, your workshop choices include:

3 Introductory Workshops Instructor
Data Science in the Tidyverse (2 days) Amelia McNamara & Hadley Wickham
Intro to Shiny and RMarkdown (2 days) Danny Kaplan (Macalester College)
Intro to R and TensorFlow (1 day) Andrie de Vries, Kevin Kuo & Sigrid Keydana
8 Intermediate / Advanced Workshops Instructor
Applied Machine Learning (2 days) Max Kuhn & Alex Hayes
Intermediate Shiny (2 days) Aimee Gott (Mango Solutions) & Winston Chang
Building Tidy Tools (2 days) Charlotte Wickham (Oregon State University) & Hadley Wickham
What They Forgot to Teach You About R (2 days) Jenny Bryan
Big Data with R (2 days) Edgar Ruiz & James Blair
Advanced R and TensorFlow (1 day) Andrie de Vries, Kevin Kuo & Sigrid Keydana
Advanced R Markdown (2 days) Yihui Xie
Shiny in Production (2 days) Sean Lopp
3 Workshops for Partners, Professionals and Administrators Instructor
Tidyverse Trainer Certification (2 days) Garrett Grolemund
Shiny Trainer Certification (1 day) Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
RStudio Professional Administrator Certification (2 days) Cole Arendt & Nathan Stephens

Who should go?

rstudio::conf is for RStudio users, R administrators, and RStudio partners who want to learn how to write better Shiny applications, explore all the capabilities of R Markdown, work effectively with Spark or TensorFlow, build predictive models, understand the tidyverse of tools for data science, build tidy tools themselves, discover production-ready development & deployment practices, earn certification as a trainer for Shiny or the Tidyverse, or become a certified administrator of RStudio professional products.

Why do people go to rstudio::conf?

Because there is simply no better way to learn about all things R & RStudio.

“#rstudioconf: the best conference of any kind I have ever been to 🤩 Thanks @rstudio!”

“Just the first hour of conference already made worth it all my trip from Brazil!”

“First day back from #rstudioconf and my Shiny app is already vastly improved!”

“#rstudioconf was illuminating, so much gold on the struggles and successes of scaling #rstats for enterprise. It’s fascinating to see the community wrestle with these issues in a rapidly changing ecosystem. Thanks to @rstudio and all the speakers. See ya in Austin!”

“MASSIVE thank you to everyone @rstudio for your hard work to make #rstudioconf the best event each year for #rstat users. the genuine passion all speakers bring to the stage, the no-nonsense non-sales-pitchy talks, and the steadfast commitment to making #R better for all.”

Also, it’s at the new and fantastic Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas “The Live Music Capital of the World”

What should I do now?

Be an early bird! Attendance is limited. All seats are are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Early Bird registration discounts are available (Conference only) and a capped number of Academic discounts are also available for eligible students and faculty.

Stay tuned for information about diversity scholarships. We’ll announce the application process at the end of August, and we’re offering twice as many as last year!

If all tickets available for a particular workshop are sold out before you are able to purchase, we apologize in advance!


Please go to rstudio::conf to purchase.

We hope to see you in Austin at rstudio::conf 2019!

For questions or issues registering, please email conf@rstudio.com.

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