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rstudio::conf(2022), our main event for all things R and RStudio, ended in July. The workshop instructors, teaching assistants, speakers, and folks behind the scenes did a fantastic job delivering hours of incredible content over four days.

The conference may be over, but all the talks and keynotes are now available on YouTube. We hope you catch up on a talk you may have missed, rewatch a keynote or two, or take the opportunity to learn about a new package.

The playlist is available to watch on YouTube, or you can browse the talk titles, speakers, and abstracts here. All videos have English captions for better access to our content. Thank you to Mara Averick, Greg Swinehart, and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel for their leadership in this effort, and thank you to all caption reviewers.

Below, we pulled a random sample of sessions to start you off using some favorite R functions: set.seed() and dplyr::slice_sample(). See the code here!

RStudio: 2022 and Beyond

Watch J.J. and Hadley walk through RStudio’s past, describe our mission and model, and announce RStudio’s new name, Posit. Hadley also reassures us that hex stickers are here to stay.

The future of missing data

Nicholas Tierney from the Telethon Kids Institute explains why missing values aren’t as bad as they may seem. You may learn to love them!

R Markdown + RStudio Connect + R Shiny

Kolbi Parrish and Andy Pham from the California Department of Public Health/UCSF show that R Markdown, RStudio Connect, and R Shiny can automate data processing, error logging, and process monitoring. We highly recommend watching if you want to see enterprise + open-source products in action.

Dive Deep into Metadata with Tplyr

Mike Stackhouse from Atorus describes Tplyr, a package created to simplify data preparation for clinical reporting. This talk is an excellent example of open source in the pharmaceutical field.

Demystifying MLOps

Isabel Zimmerman from RStudio showcases vetiver, a framework for machine learning operations in R and Python. She demonstrates how MLOps can be as streamlined as baking cookies.

Enjoy rstudio::conf() on YouTube and elsewhere!

rstudio::conf(2022) may be over, but we hope you stay in touch!

Happy watching!

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