Dec 3 2019
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RStudio’s Commercial Desktop License is now RStudio Desktop Pro

We have good news for our commercial desktop IDE customers. We are giving the commercial version of our desktop IDE a new name and some great new features, including support for the RStudio Professional Drivers, at no additional cost to you.

As part of this release, we are renaming RStudio Commercial Desktop License to RStudio Desktop Pro. Existing Commercial Desktop customers will be migrated as part of their next renewal. However, if you would like to migrate to the new release before then, or have any questions, please contact your RStudio Customer Success representative for more information.

Updates for Users

As with the current Commercial Desktop License offering, RStudio Desktop Pro has all the great features of the RStudio Desktop Open Source Edition, plus a commercial license for organizations not able to use AGPL software, and access to priority support.

Beyond that, RStudio Desktop Pro also provides:

  • RStudio Professional Drivers: These drivers provide ODBC data connectors for many of the most popular data sources. These drivers can be downloaded and configured directly from within RStudio Desktop Pro. See RStudio Pro Drivers Documentation for details, and this blog post for the most recent updates.
  • License Activation and Management: To help users ensure compliance with their organization’s policies against AGPL software, RStudio Desktop Pro is a separate download from the RStudio Desktop Open Source Edition, with the AGPL license removed. A commercial license manager is integrated into the software, and the license itself is delivered as part of the purchase process. The usage of RStudio Desktop Pro is governed by a time-limited license tied to the renewal date. The time-limited license prevents users from accidentally reverting to the AGPL license if their subscription lapses.

RStudio professional products are designed to work together. For example, RStudio Desktop Pro will use the same professional drivers as RStudio Server Pro and RStudio Connect, ensuring a consistent user experience across platforms. We’d love to get your input on what you’d like to see in the future, to better integrate RStudio Desktop Pro with our other professional products. Please email with your feedback.

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