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This is our last newsletter as RStudio — the next time this newsletter lands in your inbox, we’ll be Posit! As with any transition, I’m excited about what’s ahead and also grateful for everything that has led to getting here. We asked employees what the name RStudio meant to them, and of course there was ‘hexagon’, but there was also ‘community’, ‘encouragement’, ‘welcoming’, ‘collaboration’, ‘creativity’, ‘growth’, ‘purpose’, ‘tools’ and ‘open source’. Those are things that won’t change—the who we are and how we work (and the hexagons) — and I can’t wait to see what we create together next.


Learn. Teach. Share.

Selected Releases

{learnr} v0.11.0
This release collects many large and small improvements to the {learnr} package, all with the goal of making it easier to create interactive tutorials for teaching programming concepts and skills.

{torch} 0.9.0
We are happy to announce that torch v0.9.0 is now on CRAN. This version adds support for ARM systems running macOS, and brings significant performance improvements.



  • {parsnip} 1.0.2 release includes improvements to errors and warnings that proliferate throughout the tidymodels ecosystem. These changes are meant to better anticipate common mistakes and nudge users informatively when defining model specifications.
  • See the tidymodels quarterly roundup for the full list of recently released packages.

Wrapping Up

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