RStudio Launcher Plugin SDK

The RStudio Launcher Plugin SDK enables developers to write Plugins for the RStudio Job Launcher for a custom Job Scheduling System in C/C++.

What is the RStudio Job Launcher?

The RStudio Job Launcher allows RStudio Team products to integrate with Job Scheduling Systems. The Job Launcher uses a Plugin-based system to enable integration with multiple Job Scheduling Sytems. Currently, the Job Launcher supports Slurm and Kubernetes, as well as launching Jobs directly on the host machine.

What is an RStudio Job Launcher Plugin?

An RStudio Job Launcher Plugin is a separate executable that translates requests from the RStudio Job Launcher into actions a specific Job Scheduling System can take. Each Plugin is intended to support exactly one type of Job Scheduling System. The RStudio Job Launcher will start and manage each Plugin that is configured by the server administrator.

Who should use the RStudio Launcher Plugin SDK?

The RStudio Launcher Plugin SDK is useful if you wish to use an RStudio Team product with a Job Scheduling System that is not already supported by the RStudio Job Launcher. If you are comfortable writing code in C/C++ and have a deep understanding of the Job Scheduling System in question, the RStudio Launcher Plugin SDK is for you.

Where to start?

To get started on developing a new Plugin for the RStudio Job Launcher, follow the steps in the RStudio Launcher Plugin SDK QuickStart Guide.