Download Shiny Server

Open Source Shiny Server provides a platform on which you can host multiple Shiny applications on a single server, each with their own URL or port. It enables you to support non-websocket-enabled browsers like Internet Explorer 10, and is available under an AGPLv3 license.

We currently provide pre-compiled binaries for Ubuntu 16.04+, Red Hat/CentOS 6+, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12+. The instructions for downloading and installing these binaries are available below. For other Linux distributions, we recommend you follow the instructions for building on non-supported distributions.

Once you have Shiny Server downloaded and installed, you can view the Administrator’s Guide for more information about managing and configuring Shiny Server, or the RStudio Community to get support.

Managing Packages

To install packages on Linux faster and easier, consider RStudio Package Manager.