Develop credible insights fast, in R and Python

Jump into your first line of code immediately. RStudio Workbench supports both R and Python wonderfully, leveraging support for Jupyter and VSCode for Python users.

The best part is you can switch between languages, or use different languages for different projects, without adding work for your IT team. RStudio Workbench is built to keep data scientists doing what they love to do: creating insights.

Read our FAQ and learn more on the RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Workbench migration.

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Get rid of work silos. Move your work to a centralized server.

The teams that get the most out of their investments in data science work from a centralized server . Their data scientists can focus on doing collaborative data analysis, instead of on software installation and management.

Too many teams have their data scientists working independently on projects on their desktops, resulting in inefficient work silos and redundant administrative tasks.

RStudio Workbench squashes those challenges and opens up the possibilities for collaboration between data scientists on teams of all sizes, in any industry, using any language.

Maximize your team’s data science muscle.

RStudio Workbench is designed to support a team of data scientists as it scales, giving each individual data scientist more compute power.

With the ability to launch jobs remotely, data science teams can make use of IT-managed computing resources in Kubernetes or Slurm clusters, with load balancing and scalable cluster management.

Individual data scientists can launch RStudio, Jupyter, or VS Code sessions directly through RStudio Workbench while leveraging the hardware that is available to their organization’s computing cluster.



Scale code-based data science with enterprise security.

The world’s biggest and most complex companies use RStudio Workbench to enable great data science and meet rigid, high-stakes security requirements.

RStudio Workbench has incredible security features, and we built them with IT in mind from the start. Integrate with Active Directory, LDAP, and more. Kerberos, PAM, and proxied authentication are supported. Encrypt traffic using TLS/SSL and restrict IP addresses.

Build great data science products with RStudio Workbench. Thousands of professional customers already do.

RStudio gives our individual data scientists access to highly productive tools in a commercially supported, scalable server environment that complies with our security and IT manageability needs.

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Technical Claims Specialist II at Liberty Mutual Insurance


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