Impossible d'utiliser l'application shiny avec plusieurs utilisateurs simultanés

May 10, 2019 @antoin_e antoine

@antoin_e wrote:

Hello, everybody,

I created a new shinApp and i used a server (Amazon) to put it.
Currently my goal is to create a csv and when one user is using the App, it works and i can see the new csv on the server. But when 2 people are using it at the same time, it seems like the first one who clicked the link take control of the app on the laptop of the othe user :confused: The second user can't use the application then :confused: For example when i clik a button to add someting, it add it on the app the second user's laptop :confused:
When we use the app not at the same time, it works.
I wanted to know if anyone could help me on this issue by giving me the root of the problem or if any body has a clue about what is happening :confused:
Thanks in advance

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