Introductory statistics with R: Easing the transition to software for beginner students - Kelly Nicole Bodwin

In this talk, we will present our approach to incorporating R and RStudio into a 10-week introductory statistics course for non-majors Cal Poly. Our primary contribution will be to share a series of Shiny Apps, created to ease students with no statistical or coding background into the philosophy of using programming tools to explore data. Our program was recently used in 3 sections of 35 students each this Fall, during which students were surveyed regularly for their reactions to the approach. We will demonstrate our new tools, discuss our successes and failures, share student-generated output, and summarize the results of our Fall survey.

About the Author

Kelly Nicole Bodwin

I am an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Cal Poly in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. I received my PhD in 2017 from the University at North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and my A.B. in 2011 from Harvard University. My research interests are in methodologies for data mining, clustering, and classification with high dimensional data. Applications of my work include recommendation systems, text analysis, and authorship identification, and biological applications (especially genetic and genomic data).

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