Learning and using the tidyverse for historical research - Jesse Sadler

My talk will discuss how R, the tidyverse, and the community around R helped me to learn to code and create my first R package. My positive experiences with the resources for learning R and the community itself led me to create a blog detailing my experiences with R as a way to pass along the knowledge that I gained. The next step was to develop my first package. The debkeepr package integrates non-decimal monetary systems of pounds, shillings, and pence into R, making it possible to accurately analyze and visualize historical account books. It is my hope that debkeepr can help bring to light crucial and interesting social interactions that are buried in economic manuscripts, making these stories accessible to a wider audience.

About the Author

Jesse Sadler

I am an early modern historian interested in the social and familial basis of politics, religion, and trade. I received a Ph.D. in European History from UCLA in 2015 and have taught courses on cultural and intellectual history of early modern Europe and the Atlantic. My research investigates the familial basis of the early modern capitalism through archival research on two mercantile families from Antwerp at the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth century. I am currently working on a manuscript that argues for the significance of sibling relationships and inheritance in the development of early modern trade. My manuscript places concepts such as patriarchy, emotion, exile, and friendship at the heart of the efficacy of long-distance trade networks and the growth of capitalism.

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