The lazy and easily distracted report writer: Using rmarkdown and parameterised reports - Mike K Smith

My brain is lazy, shallow and easily distracted. Learn how I use notebooks to keep my present-self organised, my future-self up to speed with what I was thinking months ago, and also how I use parameterised reports to share results for both quantitative and non-quantitative audiences across multiple endpoints. I can update and render outputs for a variety of outputs from a single markdown notebook or report. I’ll show you how I organise my work using the tidyverse, use child documents with parameterisation and also how this is served out to my colleagues via RStudio Connect.

About the Author

Mike K Smith

I have 25 years experience of working in the Pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer), with more than 15 years working on modelling and simulation projects. I am a keen advocate of smarter drug development with a particular interest in Bayesian methods, dose-response, reproducible research and knowledge management. My particular expertise is in the use of simulation methodology to predict drug outcomes, find efficient trial designs, assess decision criteria and evaluate analysis methodologies.
My current role at Pfizer is as specialist in computation and modeling solutions - evaluating and deploying new tools and training colleagues. I am an RStudio certified tidyverse trainer.

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