Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions - Jim Hester

January 30, 2020 Jim Hester
Open source R packages on GitHub often take advantage of continuous integration services to automatically check their packages for errors. This is very useful to catch things quickly, as well and increasing confidence for proposed changes, as the Pull Requests can be checked before they are merged. Travis-CI and Appveyor are the most popular current methods. However newer services, Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions, show promise for being more powerful and simpler to configure and debug. I will discuss these services and demonstrate some of their capabilities and how to configure them for your own use in packages and reports.

About the Author

Jim Hester

Jim is a software engineer on the Tidyverse team, with a background in Bioinformatics and Genomics. He is the author and maintainer of a number of R packages including covr, devtools, glue, readr and more...

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