Best practices for working with databases

March 30, 2018 Edgar Ruiz

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Get the most out of joining R forces with database forces. We will review key concepts, share the latest in R packages, and demo useful techniques. In this webinar, we will demonstrate a pragmatic approach for pairing R with databases. You will learn to use R’s familiar dplyr syntax to perform queries. We will also share the latest in R packages that aid with visualization and running predictions in-database. The webinar will focus on general principles and best practices; we will avoid technical details related to specific data store implementations.

About the speaker

Edgar Ruiz 
Solutions Engineer, RStudio

Edgar is the author and administrator of the web site, and current administrator of the [sparklyr] web site: Author of the Data Science in Spark with sparklyr cheatsheet. Co-author of the dbplyr package and creator of the dbplot package.

About the Author

Edgar Ruiz

Edgar Ruiz is a solutions engineer at RStudio with a background in deploying enterprise reporting and business intelligence solutions. He is the author of multiple articles and blog posts sharing analytics insights and server infrastructure for data science. Edgar is the author and administrator of the web site, and current administrator of the sparklyr web site: Co-author of the dbplyr package, and creator of the dbplot, tidypredict and modeldb package.

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