HTTP redirection on RStudio Connect

May 13, 2019 @colino Colin Odden

@colino wrote:

We're migrating our public-facing Shiny Server (Pro) to RStudio Connect. We have four applications that have been around for years -- a couple of the applications have multiple URLs out in the wild (referenced in documentation, word of mouth, people's bookmarks, etc.) that on Shiny Server we can easily redirect to the 'live' application by setting HTTP 301 and 302 redirects in shiny-server.conf.

I don't see how to do this in Connect. I see the HttpRedirect setting in the Admin Guide, but I can't find any examples and haven't figured out whether it's actually designed to do what we need - again, redirect some url to .

If a setting like HTTPRedirect won't do it, are there any other methods available? Many thanks in advance?

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