RStudio Connect CPU graph bug

May 15, 2019 @scw Steve Wilkins

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We've been conducting some performance testing on our RStudio Connect server and have found a weird behavior on the Admin - CPU Graph.

It appears the values are wrong. Specifically they are out by a factor that relates to the number of cores on the machine.

For example, when we run a (long) intensive task on a single core on our 8 core server I would expect the CPU usage to be at 12.5% (i.e. 100% / 8). However it sits at 1.57% which is conveniently 12.5% / 8. We then tested this with concurrent sessions running and see similar results. So with 2 processes run, CPU caps out at ~3.1%, 3 processes, ~4.7%.

Are others seeing this behavior? Is there a fix?

We're running server version 1.7.2


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