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February 6, 2020 @schuffr Robert Schuff

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I am trying out the pins package with RStudio Connect and have noticed that if I pin an object like say, my_tbl, the resource name that has to be used with pin_get is prepended by my username requiring it for subsequent pin_get calls. for example:

pins::board_register_rsconnect(name = "myServer", server = "")
myCars <- mtcars
pin(myCars), name = "myCars", board = "myServer")

pins::pin_get("schuffr/myCars", board = "myServer")

So my issues are:

  1. I want to publish a variety of resources to our RSConnect server for others to use long-term
  2. I am concerned that if I leave my employer (not planning to) and my account on RS Connect is deactivated/deleted, will the resources still be available for others to use?
  3. Is there a way to pin resources without any dependencies on my account (including the content of the pin's name?)

Thanks in advance!


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