Problem with Active Directory integration - person not in allowed groups can access, those who aren't can't

May 7, 2019 @mistasteve S Charlesworth

@mistasteve wrote:

I followed the guidelines for integrating with Active Directory and enlisted the help of the local Linux Admin (RHEL 7). We currently have things working great for him, but nobody else. An error in the log that kind of jumped out was:

May 6 16:37:33 css-wbdapp1-p9 rserver[13358]: ERROR system error 13 (Permission denied) [group-value=BI - Platform - Analytics Admin]; OCCURRED AT: rstudio::core::Error rstudio::core::system::group::::groupFrom(const rstudio_boost::function<int(T, group, char, size_t, group**)>&, T, rstudio::core::system::group::Group*) [with T = const char*]**

I had initially copied over the login file to the 'rstudio' file in the /etc/pam.d directory. Linux admin read that having both the standard Unix user auth and Active directory auth running was a recipe for trouble. Anyhow at this point we have a nice server for the admin but alas the analysts are locked out. We could of course use the base Unix style logins but Active Directory would be much preferred for a variety of reasons. Any and all insight would be appreciated esp if that error rings a bell.


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