Sound annotation with Shiny and wavesurfer - Athos Damiani - Lightning Talk

February 4, 2020 Athos Damiani

We observed a huge improvements of Machine Learning tools but the main effort were to help at post annotated dataset step. We still struggle to build a trusty pipeline to make these annotations. The package wavesurfer brings to R users the ability to annotate audio files with ease and reliability, exploring the friendly user interface of Shiny to make this hard and laborious part of the project more joyful and efficient.

A 5-minute presentation in our Lightning Talks series

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Athos Damiani

Statistician since 2013 from University of São Paulo and R user since 2009. I've worked for big banks, market research companies, and other industries and now I run my own Data Science Consultant Enterprise. I also give courses of R ( from Introductory to advanced level. I am currently investing time on my mastership in Machine Learning: bird detection by their songs.

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