A Gentle Introduction to Tidy Statistics in R

June 12, 2019 Thomas Mock

R is a fantastic language for statistical programming, but making the jump from point and click interfaces to code can be intimidating for individuals new to R. In this webinar I will gently cover how to get started quickly with the basics of research statistics in R, providing an emphasis on reading data into R, exploratory data analysis with the `tidyverse`, statistical testing with ANOVAs, and finally producing a publication-ready plot in `ggplot2`.

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About the Author

Thomas Mock

Thomas is involved in the local and global data science community, serving as Outreach Coordinator for the Dallas R User Group, as a mentor for the R for Data Science Online Learning Community, as co-founder of #TidyTuesday, attending various Data Science and R-related conferences/meetups, and participated in Startup Weekend Fort Worth as a data scientist/entrepreneur.

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