Contributing to tidyverse packages – Mara Averick

February 27, 2018


Contributing to open-source software can make you a better programmer, increase your visibility in the community, and help you shape and improve the tools you use every day. This talk will cover the strategies and mechanics of making contributions to “mature” open-source projects, and focus on the tidyverse in particular. From minor changes, to major features, we’ll walk-through some of the collaborative dynamics and technical elements to expect, and discuss strategies to make contributing maximally rewarding for you *and* project maintainers.

About the speaker

Mara Averick
tidyverse developer advocate

Mara is the tidyverse developer advocate. She got into R by way of a long-time love for the NBA and (fantasy) basketball. When not catering to the every whim of her dogs, she can be found: perusing weird words; indulging her bibliomania; and/or quantifying, [visualizing](, and watching Archer.


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