I'm dreaming of a (hosted) RStudio CI/CD

May 26, 2018 @maxheld83 Maximilian Held

@maxheld83 wrote:

I love R and the RStudio/tidyverse ecosystem, but despite the fact that I am a full-time R dev now, I spend way too much time managing (R and external) dependencies and maintaining R environments, including:

  • my local machine
  • shinyapps.io (for apps, both for projects and for packages)
  • travis-ci.com (for R CMD build but also general project CI/CD)
  • (soon) our own RStudio Connect server
  • at some point (god forbid) docker container with all that stuff deployed to clients

I feel like I am solving the same problems (R and system dependencies) over, and over, and over again – or at least more than just once. This is now at a point where it's really hurting the viability of my work in the ecosystem (perhaps my fault).

The recent Ubuntu / R 3.5.0 shenanigan might be example for this problem: my deploys failed b/c travis-ci docker container (unaccountably?) already had R 3.5.0, but shinyapps.io did not (not RStudios fault). So the two environments where out of whack, and I had to figure out why. It's a pretty minor thing that was quickly solved, but these things multiply with each R environment you have to worry about.

I know some people might get by just with deploying from within RStudio (rsconnect::...) but I would guess that with some collaborators, this kind of process gets weird fast (without any CI/CD).

I'm not here to complain or anything, I just wanted to find out whether other people were facing the same challenges, or whether I was somehow doing it wrong.
Perhaps, if I don't have this completely wrong, it might also be interesting for RStudio to gauge interest in related features or products.

I haven't thought this through, and I don't understand much of the scaffolding behind it, so this may be completely ignorant, but, I've been dreaming for some time of a (hosted) RStudio CI/CD product (with deployment to shinyapps.io and perhaps https://rstudio.cloud at some point).

I understand that replicating something like Travis or Jenkins just for R might be insane scope creep, but I'd just really love to only have to worry about one canonical R build and deploy environment.

Several ideas, in increasing complexity come to mind:

  • make shinyapps.io, rstudio.cloud and self-hosted connect travis-ci deployment providers.
  • let shinyapps.io and connect take its dependencies optionally from DESCRIPTION (not packrat, which can be hard to reason about). DESCRIPTION at least, is already used on the travis-ci R docker container and, of course, R packages, so that would make things a little easier. (I understand that packrat is way more powerful than DESCRIPTION deps, and DESCRIPTION does not ensure availability of old binaries (though Microsofts timemachine does). Packrat is just so complex, it often seems to cause more problems than it solves.)
  • let rstudio.cloud (and connect) commit to github from inside the respective browser UIs, instead of just save. That would really dramatically lower the cost of entry.
  • create (or just document?) an easy way for me to download and run the shinyapps.io docker image, so I can debug it interactively on my machine (or just switch all my development into that container, so I don't have to worry about my local environment).
  • I would also be quite happy to cut travis out of the loop entirely, if only RStudio (Connect?) had a hosted variant and (better) CI/CD integration. (I previously mentioned this in ticket http://support.rstudio.com/hc/requests/19752 and Jeff Allen had some encouraging words).

I just want to be able to have a project (or package) locally, to write up the dependencies once and then to push it to some well-defined cloud environment at RStudio (or on-prem), and have it be tested and deployed there, all from the same environment, be it hosting a shinyapp, an RStudio Connect product, some bookdown deployment, or even an R CMD check for a CRAN-bound package.

I can't stress how happy I would be to pay for this on a monthly basis, even just for the CI/CD service, that'd be easily worth 50-100$ for me, just as long as I can cut down on the dependency hell.

Hope this is meaningful/helpful and I'm not being too unclear/incompetent.

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