Journalism with RStudio, R, and the tidyverse - Larry Fenn

January 30, 2020 Larry Fenn
The Associated Press data team primarily uses R and the tidyverse as the main tool for doing data processing and analysis. In this talk, some of the technology behind the published stories will be showcased: - Using dbplyr to work off a hosted database containing 380 million opioid records to identify "pill mills". - Using open-sourced AP style templates for R Markdown and ggplot to quickly produce graphics and reports off breaking news. - Using R Markdown and htmlwidgets to give reporters and editors interactive reports to identify reporting leads.

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Larry Fenn

Larry Fenn is a data journalist at the Associated Press. His investigative work has covered a broad range of topics, from guns to education to housing policy. Prior to journalism, he was an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College for applied mathematics and statistics.

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