Debugging techniques in RStudio

June 22, 2018 Amanda Gadrow


When you are building R scripts and documents, it can be challenging to figure out what went wrong when the code behaves in unexpected ways. Fortunately, there are excellent tools built into R and RStudio that can make debugging easier. This talk will explore those tools, including: using base R functions for debugging, tracing techniques, setting breakpoints in RStudio, understanding debug mode, and troubleshooting more complicated sources like packages and Shiny applications.

About the Author

Amanda Gadrow

Amanda is RStudio's quality assurance and support lead with many years’ experience writing automated test frameworks for enterprise software. She started learning R when she joined RStudio in 2016, and has been basking in its glory ever since. She is a co-organizer of R-Ladies Columbus, and spends a lot of time analyzing customer data to improve the products and optimize support.

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