Interactivity in Production

October 8, 2019 Kelly O’Briant

Interactive products take your data science to a new level, but they require new coding decisions. This webinar will give you clear guidelines on when and how to add interactivity to your work. Here you’ll learn: when to use off-the-shelf interactive products like parameterized R Markdown and htmlwidgets, when to create bespoke interactivity with Shiny, how to make your Shiny apps as fast as possible, how to support interactivity in production, and much more.


This is the third part of a series:

Part 1: Reproducibility in Production - Garrett Grolemund

Part 2: RStudio Connect in Production - Thomas Mock

Part 3: Interactivity in Production - Kelly O’Briant

About the Author

Kelly O’Briant

Kelly is Solutions Engineer for RStudio and also an organizer of the Washington DC chapter of R-Ladies Global. It’s an R users group for lady-folk and friends.

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