RStudio local jobs and remote launcher

August 12, 2019 James Blair

The recent release of RStudio 1.2 introduced the ability to send long-running R scripts to local and remote background jobs. This functionality can dramatically improve the productivity of data scientists and analysts using R since they can continue working in an unblocked R session in RStudio while jobs are running in the background. In this webinar, we will demonstrate common use cases for local and remote background jobs.


About the Author

James Blair

James holds a master’s degree in data science from the University of the Pacific and works as a solutions engineer. He works to integrate RStudio products in enterprise environments and support the continued adoption of R in the enterprise. His past consulting work centered around helping businesses derive insight from data assets by leveraging R. Outside of R and data science, James’s interests include spending time with his wife and daughters, cooking, camping, cycling, racquetball, and exquisite food. Also, he never turns down a funnel cake.

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