RStudio Connect in Production

September 23, 2019 Thomas Mock

Communicating results can be the most challenging part of Data Science: many insights never leave the laptops where they are discovered. In this webinar, we will show you how to use RStudio Connect to deploy your results in a production environment. You’ll learn how to automate publishing, schedule updates, and provide consumers with self-service access to your work. RStudio Connect is a revolutionary new way to host executable Data Science content.


This is the second part of a series:

Part 1: Reproducibility in Production - Garrett Grolemund

Part 2: RStudio Connect in Production - Thomas Mock

Part 3: Interactivity in Production - Kelly O’Briant

About the Author

Thomas Mock

Thomas is involved in the local and global data science community, serving as Outreach Coordinator for the Dallas R User Group, as a mentor for the R for Data Science Online Learning Community, as co-founder of #TidyTuesday, attending various Data Science and R-related conferences/meetups, and participated in Startup Weekend Fort Worth as a data scientist/entrepreneur.

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