Jonathan McPherson

Jonathan leads the development of the RStudio IDE. In the past, he’s written Web applications at a nuclear site in the desert, exploratory information visualization systems at UC Davis, and features for Office products and web applications at Microsoft. In addition to software engineering, he loves reading books, playing the piano, and riding his bicycle.


RStudio v1.4 Update: What's New

June 9, 2021

The RStudio 1.4 "Juliet Rose" update includes many improvements for users of the open source desktop IDE, including support for R 4.1 and Apple Silicon, Python improvements, memory usage stats, a document context menu, command palette upgrades, and more.

rstudio::conf 2020

RStudio 1.3 Sneak Preview

January 31, 2020

RStudio 1.3, currently available as a preview release, includes a number of new capabilities that will help you be more productive in R. It's also more configurable, accessible, and flexible.

rstudio::conf 2019

New language features in RStudio

January 24, 2019

RStudio 1.2 dramatically improves support for many languages frequently used alongside R in data science projects, including SQL, D3, Stan, and Python. In this talk, you'll learn how to use RStudio...


New features of the IDE

December 8, 2017

The IDE has new features including: a new Terminal tab, which gives you a fully functional terminal emulator right inside the IDE; the Connections tab, which lets you browse your data and data sources


Introducing Notebooks

July 27, 2016

R Markdown Notebooks are a powerful new construct in RStudio combining the strengths of the R Markdown ecosystem with the interactivity and immediacy of a notebook.


A new set of IDE features to help you and your team work better and faster together

March 29, 2016

RStudio Server Pro has a whole new set of features designed to help you and your team work better and faster together.


A new extensibility point to the IDE: RStudio Add-ins

March 10, 2016

This powerful feature enables anyone who can write R code to customize RStudio for their own work.